[70] Letters to the Persians and Coptics

Prophet Muhammad continues his outreach to foreign leaders, sending messengrs to the Persian emperor Khosrow II and the Coptic ruler Muqawqis of Alexandria.

The outreach teaches us:

– Islam was always meant to be globalized, not just for the Arabs. We need to also think deeply about how to universalize the messaging

– The way people respond to the Prophet had an impact on their dunya and akhira

– The prophet addresses world leaders with their respective titles. This is part of the etiquette of dialogue.

– Even when people are tyranical rulers, it doesn’t give us the right to be abusive (especially when we’re unprovoked). Even Musa was instructed to speak gently to Feron

– Communicate using simple language and get to the point. The letters were short and succinct.

– Customize your communication to cater to your audience

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