[90] Year of Delegations

The Expedition of Tabuk demonstrated to Arabs the strength of the Muslims. Over the next year, the various tribes responded by sending the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) delegations to accept Islam and pledge their allegiance. Prophet Muhammmad welcomed them & forgave past conflicts.

He focused on:

– Renouncing idolatry & polytheism

– Spreading Islamic knowledge

– Building strong alliances and goodwill

The Prophet’s Methods:

– Generosity: Gave gifts (gold, dates, land) to solidify alliances.

– Compassion: Blessed children & offered amnesty even before requested.

– Education: Assigned teachers to delegations.

– Respect: Gave new, honorable names to some converts.


Bedouin Tribe: Wanted to convert & requested financial aid. The Quran revealed their motives weren’t pure faith, but the Prophet didn’t reject them.

Banu Thaqif: A stubborn tribe, they initially set conditions for conversion (avoid prayer, keep idols). The Prophet refused some demands but offered amnesty & teachers.

– Uthman ibn Abi Al-Aas (secret Muslim from the tribe) was assigned to be their governor, highlighting the Prophet’s trust in young converts.

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