[72] Khandaq – Miracles and Conquest

The Muslims marched to the Fort of Khaybar, attack and defeat it’s treacherous occupants.

Along the way, various miracles occur:

– An assassin attempts to kill Prophet Muhammad, but he miraciously is suddenly mentally handicapped.

– Imam Ali’s unable to fight due to an illness in his eyes. Prophet Muhammad heals him and Imam Ali leads the Muslims to victory.

– Imam Ali single handedly moves the fallen gate of Khaybar, which was so heavy it normally take many men to open and close it.

In addition, while Imam Ali was sick, Prophet Muhammad also offered the army’s standard (i.e. leadership) to Abu Bakr and Umar, giving them a chance to take on the fortress. Both returned unsuccessful, with them blaming their men, and their men blaming them.

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