[43] Preparing for the Battle of Uhud’

Both sides prepare for the Battle of Uhud soon after Imam Hasan’s birth:

– The battle was instigated by the Meccan’s desire for revenge, the insult they felt from Islam, and the economic strain they had landed under

– Abu Sufyan’s attempts at raising an army

– Hind’s support of the army

– Prophet Muhammad’s investigation when an undercover Muslim informs him of Abu Sufyan’s army

– How Prophet Muhammad held his war council and respected his follower’s wishes

Practical lessons:

– Importance of consultative leadership

– Appreciating the wisdom of elders

– Youth tend to be overzealous

– Certain Islamic rulings only apply to the Prophet

– No shaming: Those who gave poor advice were not blamed even though going out to meet Quraysh was a sub-optimal option

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